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Of her broadcasting work, Kelly's collaboration with national broadcasting station EBS is especially dear to her: "Sunday Storytime with Kelly"  was a light-hearted family-focussed radio show in the wake of the 2014  Sewol disaster, a tragedy that claimed the lives of 326 people - many of whom were children.  

Kelly led televised morning segments for Korean media giants Arirang (world affairsand EBS news, occasionally portraying a comical "awkward plain Jane" character on Arirang's "Korea Today" in search of zany, trendy, "active" living choices. In 2016-2017, Kelly helped craft a current best selling franchise for private cable TV channel JEI TV. She hosted and co-wrote the first of many spin-offs of popular "Full Sentence English" franchise.


As a voice actor, Kelly voiced commercials, games, films, documentaries, and several award winning animations - including one special effects film that debuted at Cannes Film Festival 2018 (showing was in English). She was known for her "natural resonance" when singing in character voices; favoring children's songs which she often wrote and produced in her home studio. In 2019, Kelly began work on a USA-based docuseries highlighting the journey of an expat performer. She currently runs a  private group on Facebook  that aims to educate, protect and provide ethical work for expat actors.

Kelly continues to train with Piers Studios NYC (2014 - present), Denver Center for Performing Arts (2019), Jordan Leigh (Donna Baldwin 2019-). Casting workshops:

Ivy Isenberg 2014, Seoul.


A global creative; from Canada to Seoul to America --- That's quite a change!

A Canadian citizen, Kelly began modeling with Elite Toronto and Vogue Models & Talent (Hamilton, Toronto) as a student. She unexpectedly relocated, and resumed her creative career in Seoul, S. Korea. As an expat, Kelly worked for nearly 20 years in casting, PR, performance, education, animal welfare, branding, journalism, and as the owner of a small creative content company. To read an article profiling Kelly as a prominent woman in Korean entertainment, click here

As a model, Kelly was often told she toed the line between 'commercial and edgy', and was described as 'theatrical'. She transitioned into film - specializing in voice and broadcasting work. She created and hosted TV programs targeting the ESL and global community. She enjoyed productions showcasing Korea to the world, and was a familiar character actor in English language TV documentaries. She was blessed to wear many hats.



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